Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunity: Dielman Inn in New Windsor

Volunteer supervised ASM/ MHT / UMBC Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunity: Dielman Inn in New Windsor – excavations around the foundation.

Planned for Saturday, October 9 and Sunday October 10 and again Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th. Any field work left unfinished (because of weather issues on previous dates for instance) after this date will be completed on November 6 and 7. Persons working on the site must wear a face mask at all times and have been vaccinated against COVID unless they are below the age for vaccination at the time of the first dig day. Facilities will include porta-pots and possibly a handwashing station. If you are interested, you are asked to contact Esther Read ( and Claude Bowen ( by email with your availability. Additional time and location information will be provided.

Anyone volunteering must commit to at least four hours although preferable to commit to more. Children and students welcome with accompanying participating and supervising adult. A safety talk will be given to new arrivals each morning and afternoon. The public is warmly invited to visit the site and ask questions without committing themselves to taking part in the digging. You should take work gloves, water, and lunch. Every worker on the site will be required to sign a waiver that absolves ASM, the State of Maryland, and The Town of New Windsor from any and all liability from injury or death to persons and damage and/ or destruction of property.


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