Lost Monocacy Log Church

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Project Location: Frederick County

Project Date: Ongoing

Have you seen this marker?

The Monocacy Archeological Society took on this long term project in 1998 when members were tasked with the job of finding the location of the church that had long been written about in local histories.  Research to find the location of the church began as early as 1892 at a meeting of the Historical Society in Frederick.  The church was founded circa 1738 near the Thurmont area and a structure was built in 1743.  The paper trail for the church has been sparse, making finding the location of the church almost impossible.  Most of the information about the church has been passed down through local lore and/or histories that mention the church.  Although the general consensus is that the church would have been built on high ground, in a book published by the Reverend Wentz in 1933, he suggests that the church was actually built on low ground.  He also pointed to three possible locations.  One is in  Creagerstown; another is along the Monocacy River; and, somewhere in the hills.  One of the problems with finding the church is getting permission from property owners to access their land for study based on the consequences they fear they may face if burials are found.  Chapter members think that modern technologies such as lidar, etc. may help and are in the process of developing a plan of action.

The photo above was found in a collection of photos turned it to the Maryland Room and the C. Burr Artz Library in Frederick.  The marker reportedly show the location of the Monocacy Church.  If you have any information about this marker and where it is located, please contact us.  We would like more information on it.