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MAS Mission Statement

The Monocacy Archeological Society promotes and encourages educational programs related to the archeological heritage of Frederick County and the surrounding region. MAS members volunteer at archeological sites and help to record and preserve archeological information that supports local research and promotes public interest in archeology.

Have you found unusual objects on your property? Our avocational and professional archeologists will examine them with you at our meetings and discuss their relevance, but keep in mind that often a pointed rock looks like an Indian arrowhead!

The Monocacy Archeological Society does not condone “Treasure Hunting” or looting archeological sites and therefore we do not place monetary value on artifacts.

Please remember that archeological data (and significance) is tied to the spatial (horizontal and vertical) relationships that artifacts and sites hold. Removing artifacts from their provenance irreparably  loses key archeological context and may destroy all ability for associated residue or soil testing. 

Please note: The Monocacy Archeological Society does not provide contract services.  Please contact the Maryland Historical Trust for a list of contractors that operate in Maryland.

Discover Our Rich History

The Monocacy Archeological Society has been an active chapter of the Archeological Society of Maryland.  Since its inception, members have been involved in numerous projects in central Maryland and the surrounding region and states.