Current Projects

Rhyolite Studies

Rhyolite is one of the most important lithic (stone) resources used by prehistoric populations in the Frederick County area and beyond for manufacturing tools. Ongoing research has revealed that groups throughout history traveled to a large county resource where the material was quarried and then transported along stream drainages as it was worked along the way.

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Lost Monocacy Log Church

A search for the lost Monocacy Log Church has been an ongoing project for over 20 years. The Monocacy Archeological Society is looking for volunteers to help us with research on this interesting project.

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Past Projects

For many years the Monocacy Archeological Society has been actively working to educate the public about the value of archeology.  Our members have been involved in many excavations and have helped in a number of interesting projects.  Many of our amateur archeologists are as experienced as professionals.  We are proud of our track record and encourage everyone to join us.