The Mill Pond House, located along Tuscarora Creek, was built around 1746. It is the oldest known remains of a European-style dwelling in Frederick County.

The Monocacy Prehistoric Archeological Site is the deepest known stratified site in Maryland.

The following blog post was written by Dennis Curry, Chief Archeologist, Maryland Historical Trust

In 1608, Captain John Smith mapped the Indian village of Moyaons near the confluence of the Potomac River with Piscataway Creek. 

Say that you are out walking and you come across something interesting on the ground.  You pick it up and it’s obvious that it’s an arrowhead!  What do you do?  Most people would consider it a great find, put it in their pocket, and walk away.

“Contact on the English Periphery: Evidence of Native-colonial interactions in the Monocacy Valley” by Matt McKnight, Chief Archaeologist at MHT.